Houston Texans Team Needs

After a season of going 2-14, the Texans get the choice of choosing any player in this year’s upcoming draft. They obviously had a dreadful year that every Texan fan would like to forget. This is a very important draft for the Texans, because they obviously have some holes to fill if they want to contend again. In this article I will address the some of Houston’s needs and how they can fix them.


QUARTERBACK- This is the most obvious glaring hole in the Texans roster right now. Matt Schaub’s skills have diminished with his age and can’t possibly start for the Texans anymore. Keenum played solid in some of his games, but disappeared in others. He was also never able to win a game as the Starter. The two quarterbacks combined for a TD:INT ratio of 19:20 throughout the season. Unless Obrien believes he can salvage either of these players, Houston will definitely Draft a QB in the first round. The Free Agent pool for quarterbacks is not very deep this year(Vick,McCown,Hill,Henne), so I don’t think the Texans should look there. If the Texans are going to draft a QB, it will most likely be Manziel,Bortles, or Bridgewater.

OFFENSIVE TACKLE- The Texans were suppose to enter the year with a decent O-line this year, but it didn’t really live up to its potential. Chris Myers is aging as well,but the Texans need a Tackle the most. Derek Newton looked absolutely terrible, and struggled to protect the right side all season. He split time with Ryan Harris and wasn’t much better, but should’ve started over Newton. They still have 2 Tackles who were placed on IR in the Pre-season who have yet to show what they have. Brennan Williams and David Quessenberry still have yet to play in an NFL game. It’s not too hard to say that the Texans will look for a Tackle in the early rounds.

INSIDE LINEBACKER- Another season where Whitney Mercilus hasn’t really lived up to his First Round selection. The Texans really need help at inside linebacker, and there are a few house hold names that can be found early on in the draft. Houston can Opt to move Brooks Reed to ILB and draft a true outside linebacker such as Ryan Shazier from OSU or Kyle Van Noy from BYU. That’s a good idea but who knows what Crennel will decide to do with his new team. The Texans were eaten alive with injuries at the Linebacker Position and eventually had to sign Linebackers off the streets to START for them. They also can’t catch a break with the Injury Prone Brian Cushing. This will be an interesting story as to who the Texans will use in their defensive format. Hopefully they can get back on track and solidify the Linebacker position.

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Is Arian Foster still going to be a Fantasy stud?

What a disastrous season for the Texans. From a playoff caliber team, to the #1 draft pick in one year. They lost many key players, including Arian Foster. Foster could not avoid the injury bug all season and eventually went on injured reserve in week 7 against the Chiefs. He started off slow, but eventually gained his footing and started looking like the Fantasy stud we all know. When he was done for the season, every fantasy owner that owned him cringed. He has already had back surgery and looks like he will be ready for week 1, barring any injuries. But the real question is, is he still going to be worth a high round draft pick?

Foster has obviously been used as a work horse his whole career due to Kubiak’s gameplan. But this year could be different with B.O.B in town. Last year Foster only rushes for 542 yards along with 1 TD. He obviously still has the talent, but does he have the strength? He turns 28 in August and I personally think he still has it in him, despite the monster work load. If they use him wisely, he will still be valuable.

Overall I think he still has the ability to produce good numbers next year. He is going to have a long time this offseason to recover. Remember, this is his first major injury in his career. As long as the Texans select a good QB to develop in the draft, it will open up some holes for Foster. He still has that low-end RB1 value in my opinion. At worst he would be a RB2 that is average. So if he is still available in round 4 or 5 that would be a major steal. Obrien’s offense isn’t too special, so I expect him to have around 1000+ yards and 9 Total TD’s. So if I still haven’t answered your question, NO he won’t be a stud, but he will be a steady producer.

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Should The Texans Draft Manziel?

The NFL season has ended for all teams except for two by now. Most teams are busy preparing for the 2014 NFL draft. Almost every year the draft has one intriguing player that all teams have seen and have their different opinions on. For example, Joey Harrington, Jamarcus Russell, and don’t forget Ryan Leaf. Now, it’s up to the teams to determine if they want to risk it on that dynamic football player or not. This is where Johnny Manziel comes in.


There are so many questions about this kid that it’s unbelievable. Will he be able to translate his game to the NFL? Does he have a good work ethic? How much does he want to win? The questions can keep rolling on forever. He is known for his great escapability and playmaking skills. Some are concerned about his footwork,size, and arm. I personally think he is a great player with real talent. The REAL question is, which team is going to draft him? He is a VERY high risk/ high reward player.


Bob McNair has recently stated that they are open to trading down their #1 overall pick. He also said that Defensive End Jadeveon Clowney was a “once in 10 years” type of athlete.-> http://m.espn.go.com/nfl/story?storyId=10293409&src=desktop <– It is very possible that Clowney could be selected first come May.
But what about Manziel? The Texans haven't really said much about any prospects besides Clowney. Is Johnny Football going to be the savior of this 2-14 team? If he is, then he already has some good playmakers around him to work with. Hopkins,Johnson,Foster, and now Manziel, this Texans team sounds like a sure shot at the Super Bowl next year. But then again, it all depends on IF the Texans draft him.
Personally, I think it would be a bad idea to draft him because you never know if he is there for football, or money. I would take my chances on a player who is truly passionate towards the game (Check out my other blog on Bridgewater). Sure, Manziel may end up being a good QB someday, or a complete bust, so I think it's a good idea to let another team figure that out.

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We made it! Finally, the LAST week of the NFL, for now. Many teams showed their potential throughout the season and the two “Super Bowl favorites” actually made it! This has happened only twice since 2004, that both #1 seeds have advanced to face each other in the Super Bowl. Tom Brady and Kap squandered a perfect opportunity to get to the Super Bowl and will now watch on the couch. Don’t even get me started on Richard Sherman. He is honestly a great guy and player, but that interview showed none of that. Anyways, This is going to be another awesome matchup. Broncos are the #1 ranked offense and the Hawks have the #1 Defense in the league. But who will be the X-factor for each team?


BRONCOS- If the Broncos are going to beat Russell Wilson and the Legion of Boom, it’s going to have to be with their best player. Yes, Peyton Manning, the best regular season QB ever. He has so many weapons to choose from, it’s up to him who he wants to deliver the ball to. Manning will have to use his veteran leadership and knowledge to outsmart the Smashmouth Seahawks.

Seahawks- Well let’s face it. Seattle is the best team in the NFL…… at home. When they play away from home, it’s a little different. Even though they only lost 2 games away from home this season, they still play different away than at home. The reason why is because of the “12th Man”. The Hawks are still going to put up a good game,but will the 12th man be there for their team in NY?

This Super Bowl is going to be epic because one team has a traditional pocket-passing QB and the other is a Modern Mobile QB. We expect Manning to play excellent, but will Russell Wilson come through for his team when they need him most? That’s is the slight advantage that the Seahawks have because the Broncos secondary isn’t as strong as they would like to be. Either way, I think this game is going to be a shoot out and it’s going to come down to a late drive by Peyton Manning to see if he can pull it off and win the big one. Experience wise, the Broncos have the advantage because Peyton Manning is the only one on either team with a ring. Be ready for another exciting game, and possibly the last one for Peyton.

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NFL Championship week 2014

As we get closer and closer to the Super Bowl, the more and more teams get eliminated from the playoffs. Four teams remain, and they are what we predicted at the beginning of the season. Elite. Today I’m going to give you my take on this weekend’s Title games.

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS VS. DENVER BRONCOS———- This is going to be such a great game. Two of the best Quarterbacks to ever play the game square off one more time in an attempt to reach the Super Bowl. If Brady advances, he will be the first player to go to six Super Bowls. If Manning reaches the Super Bowl, he will be looking for his second ring.Both offenses can easily find ways to score, but I give the slight edge to the broncos because there isn’t one missing link on that offense. This one’s going to be great.

SAN FRANCISCO 49ers Vs. SEATTLE SEA HAWKS——– For the third time this year, two powerhouse teams meet up, and this time it’s for a ticket to the Super Bowl. This one is going to be interesting because both QB’s are slowly rising stars in the NFL. But one of these Quarterbacks is going to separate themselves from the other, and I believe that will be Russell Wilson. He hasn’t but up any gaudy stats in the playoffs, but he’s managed to get the job done with his talent. This game is going to have to be won in the air by the Hawks, and that’s where Russell Wilson comes in. The Legion of Boom will be too much for Kaepernick too handle at Century Link Stadium.

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2014 NFL Playoff Predictions(Divisional)

Wow! That was a really exciting Wild Card weekend wasn’t it? The Colts made a miraculous comeback to beat the Chiefs by one point! Andy Reid did a great job his first season in KC though, so major props. The Chargers once again were able to win and advance to the divisional round with a win in Cincinnati. The running game worked so well for them and it’s going to be very useful against the Broncos. Saints finally managed to get a playoff win on the road, but it doesn’t get any easier as they travel to Seattle. Aaron Rodgers played well against the 49ers , but didn’t manage to pull of the win as Kap led his team to a game winning drive late in the 4th.
Now we advance to the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs, where the match-ups get even more saucy. Even though I went 1-3 in my picks last week, I’m still looking to improve this time.

New Orleans Saints vs Seattle Seahawks———The Saints have been preparing hard for this game by buying new sweatsuits and even painting a logo of the Seahawks on their practice field. I think the Saints come with a different offensive approach and are able to score a lot more than their last meeting. The Seahawks are most likely going to have Percy Harvin back(FINALLY) and that’s the “X” factor in this game.

Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots———This is another great rivalry between two teams who you almost always see in the playoffs. This time around is going to be very different for a big reason: Andrew Luck. No more Manning vs. Brady (at least in this matchup) and both teams look quite different from last year. Tom Brady seems ready to make yet another playoff run, but can he do it with a young receiving corps minus Gronk? To add even more controversy, Colts signed former Patriot Dieon Branch.

San Francisco 49ers Vs. Carolina Panthers——- This game is going to be another rematch from the regular season, except in Carolina. In their last matchup, both teams played really good defense and I expect it to be the same. Cam Newton’s first playoff experience should be exciting and Kaepernick is just looking to get back to the Super Bowl. Super Cam is going to need to step up in order to win this game.

San Diego Chargers vs. Denver Broncos——- Here’s an interesting fact: All remaining playoff teams in the AFC have beaten the broncos this year. Yes that’s correct, even the Chargers pulled off a win on Thursday Night. Peyton Manning is known for his legendary regular seasons, but the playoffs is a whole different story. Chargers have played excellent these past few games and it’s going to be another shoutout at Mile High.

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2014 NFL Playoff Predictions (Wild Card)

The 2014 NFL playoffs are here! This season has gone by really quick, but we learned many things about different teams this year. 5 new teams have managed to find a way into the playoffs this year and each one comes with a different weapon that can be game changers. There are a couple different teams that I think can make a run to the Super Bowl if they play their cards correctly. Here are my playoff predictions this year:


Kansas City Chiefs vs. Indianapolis Colts- This game is a rematch from week 16 when the Colts beat the Chiefs on the road. The Chiefs were also without Justin Houston, a key part of their defense. Even though they are on the road, the Chiefs pull this one off to advance.

New Orleans Saints vs. Philadelphia Eagles- This is going to be an interesting matchup especially because both Offenses are high-caliber. Expect a shoot out.

San Diego Chargers vs. Cincinnati Bengals- Can the Bengals finally stop within losing in the first round for the past 2 years? Will Philip Rivers be able to take his team to another AFC championship? It all depends on the X-factor here, Andy Dalton.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers- Am I the only one who thought Aaron Rodgers looked just a bit rusty until the 4th quarter against the Bears? The 49ers are looking tougher than ever but since the game is in Green Bay, I’m giving them the slight advantage.

These are the rest of my playoff predictions leading all the way up to the Super Bowl.


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